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Efficient, tailor-made transport solutions for all your shipments, specifically for trade fairs and events


Your personal Logistics Service Provider for every shipment

At Buus Logistics we offer tailor-made transport solutions.

We strive to get your shipments from A to B with optimal speed and efficiency.

  • Always one contact person
  • Large international network
  • More than 20 years of international experience
  • A quick solution to your transport challenge
  • Personal contact and a tailor-made solution
  • Easily accessible and flexible

Buus: the logistics intermediary for you

Do you also want a suitable solution for your shipment at home or abroad? Buus is happy to help you. Request a free quote. Then we look for the best solution for your transport needs.

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With our expertise, we offer transport solutions for both small packages and large-scale transports.

Would you?

If you don’t have time to send packages yourself and you want…

  • …want to be sure that your shipment arrives at the right place at the right time?
  • …don’t have to worry about choosing the right shipping method?
  • …be assured of confidential and correct handling?
  • …are you sure that customs formalities are properly arranged?
  • …have one point of contact that takes care of the entire process?

Then Buus Logistics is the party for you. We offer the best tailor-made transport solution for your shipment. On time. In the right location. And in an efficient way.


Our extensive logistics services

For whom?

Buus is there for every company that wants to outsource its logistics. From A to Z. In the Netherlands, in Europe or worldwide. With good service, clear communication and the best solution for your shipment. No transport challenge is too crazy for us.

What we do for you?

We determine the correct shipping method for your shipment. But we do much more than that. We engage the right partners, arrange the customs formalities and take care of everything necessary to get your package from A to B on time.

How do we do that?

Thanks to our large network of agents and partners, we also have a solution for your challenge. Road transport, air freight, sea freight, courier services or express service? We are familiar with it. And we know how we can handle this for you.

Logistics service provider with more than 20 years of logistics experience

Buus brings together more than 20 years of logistics experience, a large global network and a lot of knowledge. This allows us to take care of your transport completely, but in a personal way. Because we understand that you would like to receive good and personal help. Due to our extensive experience in transport and trade fair logistics, we know how important it is that your shipment is on time. That is why Buus Logistics stands for good service, clear communication, short lines and always a suitable solution. Also for your transport needs.

Personal contact and a global network

When you send a shipment, you do not want to have to think about the type of transport yourself. You prefer to contact a logistics service provider who will take this off your hands. And that will help you find out whether air freight, sea freight or road transport is better. That takes care of the customs formalities for you. And that keeps a finger on the pulse when your shipment is on its way. That’s why our customers choose Buus. We take care of the entire shipping process for you. With us you get one contact person and at the same time benefit from a large global network. The best of both worlds!

A small selection of events where we have worked

We do this for events at home and abroad. From Amsterdam to Singapore. And from England and Italy to America and Japan. We have provided transport for the following events, among others:


Discover our logistics solutions

Do you want a suitable solution for your trade fair logistics or event logistics? Request a no-obligation quote from Buus Logistics. Then we will be happy to look for the best solution for you.