Your exhibition logistics arranged from A to Z

Do you want to get the right goods to the right place on time for a trade fair or event? Leave that to Buus. With over 20 years of experience in exhibition logistics, we know how to find a suitable solution for every transport challenge. From small packages to full containers. We deliver everything to and from the exhibition or event. Always from A to Z and from Z to A – up to the stand and also from the stand back for return transport. This saves you time and ensures that everything is done right.

Always the best suitable solution for your goods transport

An exhibition or event involves a lot of arranging work. How nice is it if your goods are always on location using the right transport method?And if any customs formalities have already been taken care of? We are there to take care of the entire transport for you. At home and abroad. As quickly, efficiently and affordably as possible.

Buus provides customized exhibition logistics for stand builders and exhibition participants.Up to the stand and again from stand to location. We provide transport to and from exhibitions, for example for stand construction material, visual material, models and (unpackaged) goods that require extra attention. We always opt for a suitable mode of transport: by road, by air freight, by sea freight and – in the event of an emergency – also by courier service or express service.

Over 20 years of experience in exhibition and event logistics

We have been working in the logistics sector for more than 20 years. International exhibition logistics and event logistics are our specialties.We are familiar with the working methods at trade fairs and events, know the employees on the floor and know better than anyone how we can easily get a consignment delivered to the stand via the official channels.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we are also familiar with the obstacles that come with exhibition logistics. And we know how important it is to get your goods to the right place on time. So we run a little faster for that. Of course we also take into account the correct timing, an appropriate shipping method and, if necessary, the customs formalities.

Transport to the stand

Many forwarders provide service until arrival at the fairgrounds; from there you have to arrange it yourself. We do this differently and unburden you from start to finish. This means that, for example, we also take care of communication with the forwarding agent at the exhibition site. We ensure that the forwarder at the fair knows you as a participant. And that you know who your contact person is. Are you running into something? Then you can reach your own contact person at Buus 24/7. Promised.

How do we do this?

We work together with a large worldwide network of agents, carriers and fellow transport companies. This allows us to provide worldwide transport. Flexibility is our strength. It’s not too complicated for us. We are happy to look for and find a suitable solution.

We always start with a good conversation with you. What are your wishes? What do you want to transport? Then we make a workable planning, we look for the right shipping method and partners and we delve into any necessary customs documents. This way we can take care of the entire transport for you. We are your contact person before, during and after the fair.We are also happy to handle the return transport for you.


We report all shipments to the relevant exhibition forwarder


(Inbound) instructions for sending the shipment


Any customs formalities (temporary import or export and ATA carnet)


Instructions for delivering the shipments


Storage and return of empty packaging or goods


Possible interim deliveries of goods on the stand


Issue returns including outbound instructions to the exhibition forwarder


Return transport to the customer or onward transport to the next fair

Our clients

We do this for events at home and abroad. From Amsterdam to Singapore. And from Germany and France to Korea and Australia. For example, we have provided transport for the following events:

The 7 benefits with Buus Logistics

We work on lasting relationships and find your satisfaction the most important thing. Customers choose us as their partner in exhibition logistics and event logistics because of our 7 benefits:

Always one contact person
Large international network
Over 20 years of international experience
Specifically experienced in exhibition and event logistics
A quick solution for your transport challenge
Personal contact and a tailor-made solution
Easy to reach and flexible

How can we help you?

Do you want a suitable solution for your trade fair logistics or event logistics? Request a free quote from Buus Logistics. Then we will be happy to look for the best solution for you.

Buus Logistics is at your service!

We want you to get the best service. And we are only satisfied if we can achieve that. Our customers notice that. And you can read that in our reviews. Are you curious about our reviews or would you like to write a review?