About Buus Logistics | Outsource your logistics

At Buus we like to make things simple. That is our strength. Because it is actually very simple: we ensure that your shipment goes from A to B. With one contact person, with clear agreements and with a clear quote. In a fast, economical and efficient way. So you can be sure it's done right. Outsource your logistics so that you can focus on your business again.

More than 20 years of logistics experience

We have been working in the logistics sector for more than 20 years. That has given us alarge network, a lot of knowledge and a mountain of experience.Due to our high quality standard, we are now known worldwide by both small and large companies. For a long time we have worked in logistics for trade fairs and events. As a result, we know the obstacles and understand that it is often difficult to get your package to its destination on time. We now use that experience to help your business.

Expertise in logistics for events and exhibitions

Specifically, as a shipping company, we have a lot of experience in exhibitions logistics and transport for events.Buus has been active in the world of exhibition logistics since 1999.We therefore understand better than anyone how important it is that your shipment arrives at the right place on time. We also know how to take into account the timing, shipping method and customs formalities that are essential for transport challenges.

What can we do for you?

Contact us for import, export or transit. Customs formalities are in good hands with us as well. We make sure that everything runs smoothly, soyou can be sure that your shipment arrives at the right place on time.From a small package to complete aircraft: we know how to handle it. We want you to get the best help. And we're only satisfied when we get that done. Our customers notice that. And that is why they come back to us regularly.

What we stand for

As a logistics intermediary, Buus stands for personal contact, extensive experience and always the best solution.

Personal contact

For many shipping companies, it's about numbers, trends and KPIs. With us it's about you. For personal contact. And for a suitable solution. We want you to get the best help. We understand that you want to be sure that your shipment is in good hands with us. That is why we like to have personal contact with you. And we keep in touch. Because we like to invest in long-term relationships.

Lots of experience and large network

Al ruim 20 jaar verzorgen wij het transport voor bedrijven. We bouwen bewust aan duurzame relaties. Daardoor hebben we een groot netwerk van agenten, vervoerders en collega-expediteurs, met wie wij al jaren fijn samenwerken. Daar profiteert u van. Wij hebben ervaring in alle transportopties. Ook douaneformaliteiten zijn bij ons in goede handen.

Always the best solution

Beforehand, we carefully determine what your needs are. As a result, we understand what it takes to get your shipment delivered to the right location, on the right day and at the right time. With our wide network of contacts worldwide, you can be sure of the best and most efficient solution for your shipment. From a small package to a full plane.

Why choose Buus Logistics?

We consciously build lasting relationships with our customers. Why our customers choose us and outsource their logistics? For these reasons:

  • Always one contact person
  • Large international network
  • Over 20 years of international experience
  • A quick solution for your transport challenge
  • Personal contact and a tailor-made solution
  • Easily accessible and flexible

Buus: the logistics service provider for you

Do you also want a suitable solution for your shipment at home or abroad? Buus is happy to help you. Request a free quote. Then we look for the best solution for your transport question.

Buus Logistics is at your service!

We want you to get the best service. And we are only satisfied if we can achieve that. Our customers notice that. And you can read that in our reviews. Are you curious about our reviews or would you like to write a review?